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School System Of Detroit

In recent events, Tonya Allen, the CEO of Skillman Foundation was interviewed by Detroit today on topics related to Legislature and the controversial legislation that is working its way up. The proposal that can leave a dramatic effect on the Detroit Public Schools system.

It would consider the infusion of hundreds if not millions of dollars in the district, followed by forced election for the new board of the school and that would eventually split the district into two parts. How equal these two parts would be, remains to be seen. This is scheduled for this summer so the decision should be made as soon as possible. As it involves the future of tens of thousands of children from Detroit, this conversations and negotiations always come with a certain amount of tension.

The public is not satisfied with republican ways of leading the capital state and many lawmakers and people in responsible positions are talking about crafting the legislation system.
In the interview Tonya revealed that she was not happy with the current staff of legislators and described it as the worst so far when she was asked a question regarding the education today in Detroit. After a while, she apologized to the lawmakers taking back her statement.

In further interviews, she revealed that the problem was not in lawmakers, but term limits. These limits in terms are often described by the press as breaking for the Michigan state. Critics have their say regarding this topic, as they describe them as a prevention for institutional knowledge and guiding conversations historical. Giving way, instead, to polarization and politics to take hold and change it the way they see fit.

Tonya said that she was not opposing the choice that the school system chose in the city, but rather think that there should be more quality to the system itself. She also mentioned that there are many charted schools in Detroit that are under-performing. A new board is needed for improving these decisions. As new, more experienced members of the board would arrive she is sure and guarantees that things would change for the better.

Not only in upcoming years but there would be and immediate effect. The system itself has a lot of flaws and holes in the law, where corrupt lawmakers use as they see fit. The important thing to remember here is that the future of kids of Detroit is at stake, and no amount of unprofessionalism should be involved.

People with degrees in specific educational systems should be the members of the board, thus creating an impenetrable and corrupt-free system that would be stable and last for years to come. Providing with the right educational system for the children, our future generations are of the utmost importance, and current as well as future board members should be well aware of this.

Tonya Allen Striving For Perfection

Tonya Allen has advanced the conversation and brought to light the educational reforms that were proposed in Michigan during 2015. She is also a co-chair at the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren association.
This was just one of many efforts that escalated in training for young Detroiters. As the CEO and president of the Skillman Foundation, Tonya Allen had many efforts in improving the school system that we know today of Detroit. She holds on to this position since 2014.

The 2000 new job positions were made possible due to her efforts, she also personally met with one of the participants. One of the Detroit teen citizens was extremely excited about the new job that he acquired that he had to personally thank Tonya Allen for all that she has done for the Detroit and for the school system itself.
After meeting the youngster, she said that he was now able to prove financial income to his family and felt so grateful for the opportunity that his work was noticed by the supervising team. This was not a political move to boost the story and gain popularity, but rather a true story that has many thankful family members of the boy to prove it.
The new coalition for the education system was made of nonprofit leaders and organizations, business people with patriotism in their hearts and true believers in the righteousness of the system. It was organized in late 2014.
The call for several changes and reforms in the K-12 educational system was published within the city’s approval. After all the government states that what they are dealing is their children’s future education, and that is not a small thing.
She believes that perfection must be obtained.
The organization demands charter schools better quality controls, as many of current charter schools are under-performing or stagnating in educational improvement system. There are no reforms that can affect the education material that is being endorsed to the children and there is much to be done to achieve the perfect educational system, Tonya explained.

The members of the group haven’t seen any efforts in decreasing the 15 million dollar debt from the Detroit Public Schools. This debt is crippling to the plans that she made for improving the system, and she hopes that more donators will involve themselves and join the cause.

Tonya believes that their role can get recommendations that may get executed even regardless of the Legislature. She mentioned that these actions would consider voluntary work with all members collaborating and helping the cause. This is of course possible and may even happen in close future, and Tonya Allen will make sure it happens.
The plan would include releasing the student that underperform on studies that previously attended charter schools. This way they could filter the promising student from the ones that just want to use the system to get by and look for something else in the educational system.

Battle For Woman’s Rights

Some time ago, I took a class from the department of gender studies at my college. It turned out to be feminism for dummies, and that I was apparent, as I had no idea about the movement, its importance or its historical and cultural context.
Did you know that the female writers whose literature you’ve probably covered in high-school had to use pseudonyms? For example, the Bronte sisters did not sign their real names when publishing a piece but a male name. It was intended to battle the discrimination that, at the time, frowned upon women even making a living from something that was considered a man’s job.

What if I told you that Joanne Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, intended to conceal her real name too? She did this for the same reasons as she claimed that this area of expertise is still considered to “belong” to men. So, to conceal her gender, she used her initials because women are still largely discriminated, and their work is often underestimated.
All of the things I learned in the class and the materials I researched, got me thinking about the presence of women in the public sphere. The question is: How to encourage women to be more active in public discourse, in politics, in the arts, etc.? Is it positive discrimination? Setting the prescribed rate of women in, for example, local government offices? On the one hand, more women are engaged in the public life. However, some men, who are more suitable for the job may be rejected because of their gender. It’s tricky I must say. Nevertheless, let’s turn to another issue. Who are these women that we see on TV? Are those the women who are advocating change?
Recently, I happened to come across an interview with a chairwoman of the Skillman Foundation. The presenter talked with Tonya Allen, named one of five non-profit innovators in 2015. At that moment, I had just completed some readings for class, and I got interested in what she was talking about. To be honest, it is not only the activists that do the work, but also the women who are engaging in challenges that, at the surface, have nothing to do with feminism. Her foundation has undertaken the funding of projects that aim to enhance the environment of children, their neighborhoods, and the overall community. Moreover, they have set out to increase the rate of high-school graduates and college students in Michigan.

This is evidence of women having a greater say in the public sphere. Moreover, this is also evidence of change, and I firmly believe that women should be more engaged in the public sphere, especially in this manner. This is because, fighting for women’s rights is not only claiming you feel strongly about it, but also engaging in positive change and making the world a better place.

To sum up, I believe that to fight discrimination and to win the battle for women’s rights; it is necessary that we have the appropriate role models, and these women are the ones that can guide us to a better future.

Reshaping Educational System In Detroit

Education has always been an important issue when talking about the future. However, this is often discussed regarding how to prepare one’s children to be better positioned on the job market. Therefore, the opportunity to acquire a well-paid occupation is the first on the list when setting goals for your children. Confused? Don’t play dumb.

It is more than true that we set goals for our children and make choices for them since the day they were born. Moreover, we plan their future even before they are born and impose rules, restrictions and make predictions about their future. We do this out of good intention and never miss a chance to point out the fact that we are concerned about them. However, what we do more than often is overlook the fact that they should be taught and educated for the sake of it. It is self-explanatory.

Education goes beyond being competitive on the job market and it has a lot to do with being a decent human being, a responsible adult, and a thinker. Dear moms and dads, although it is essential that your children be focused on their earnings and be independent financially, it is preferable that they learn how to think and acquire the necessary knowledge to guide them through life. They should be active participants in the community that do not just have money on their mind.
Having this in mind, I recently came across an interview with Tonya Allen on TV and what she said about education being imperative is what drew my attention. So, I looked her up. Allen is the chair of The Skillman Foundation, and she has been tackling the problems in the education sector in Detroit for some time now. From what I read, the school system in Detroit is in bad shape and will go bankrupt unless some radical changes are not undertaken soon. Nevertheless, she does not focus solely on the financial aspect but also on the fact that the rate of college students and high-school graduates should be higher. This is what gave me faith.
What is interesting is that Allen has rejected an offer to take over the function of the interim superintendent for Detroit Public Schools. Nevertheless, she is now an external member that advises the team of experts in solving the problems of the great debt of the school system and in improving the system in general.

I have noticed that in her work she aims to prepare the children for a future career and help them get a fair chance for starting their own business.

However, what delighted me is also the fact that the foundation she chairs has financed some great projects in term of creating a safer and more pleasing community by giving grants to non-profit organizations that, in turn, undertake those projects. Also, the foundation she chairs sets to enable a safe and pleasing neighborhood in parts of town whose inhabitants are mostly children.
In my opinion, these types of actions should be undertaken all over the world to make it better, not just driven by earning more and more money.

Tonya Allen- The Maker Of High – Quality School System In Detroit.

After being awarded as Michiganite of the Year in 2015, Tonya Allen refused an offer to take over the function of interim superintendent for Detroit Public Schools.
Tonya Allen is well-known for her desire and significant effort in creating a high – quality school system in Detroit.

Allen was seen by many as an adequate person to cope with this job and tough situation, but the only thing she offered is to make herself available as an external member in the helping team of experts. The idea of a transition team of educators and experts that would help the district deal with the disastrous financial situation was proposed by retired judge Rhodes, the future leader of Detroit Public Schools.

The School system is heading for a bankruptcy and it’s dangerously sinking under the burden of financial and structural problems. We are talking about severe debts, and it will take hundreds of millions of dollars to get it back on the feet, but the radical strategy moves have to be made as soon as possible.
Some of the changes have already been made, such as last year’s budget amendment, and the results of the fiscal year 2016 show slight improvement. This is certainly not enough.

In order to gain financial stability for Detroit School system, Tonya Allen over viewed some of her ideas and suggestions made by Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren where she co-chairs. They oppose the idea of employing another emergency manager, as it has been routine during last several years.
As some of the major aims necessary for saving district’s educational system, Allen sees local control of DPS, instead of state’s control as it is now. Furthermore, she calls for paying off district’s debt, returning Education Achievement Authority back in the district and she supports Judge Rhodes’ program.
Tonya Allen asserts her three stages concept of approaching this problem based on triage, transition and transformation. The middle phase, transition, is planned for newly formed transition team of experts that would push the necessary legislations and enable the School system to reach the possibility of applying structural changes. She offered to help this team as an external member.
Tonya Allen is known to public as the president and CEO in the Skillman Foundation. She dedicated to helping Detroit’s children go through school system successfully, prepare for the future career and get fair chances for a business start. As the first person of the Skillman Foundation and strong promoter of educational reforms in Michigan, she was named one of five nonprofit innovators in 2015.

As a co-chair of the Coalition for the Future of schoolchildren in Detroit, she stated a list of demands, suggestions and possible solutions. Due to all these qualities and previous activities, it is understood why officials and public equally saw her as adequate for the job of interim superintendent for Detroit Public Schools, but according to her current statements – someone else will have to deal with that function.

Nevertheless, Tonya Allen accents her wish and plans to continue focusing on all schoolchildren and helping with all District’s problems in that sector, just not in the role of superintendent.

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