Tonya Allen Striving For Perfection

Tonya Allen has advanced the conversation and brought to light the educational reforms that were proposed in Michigan during 2015. She is also a co-chair at the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren association.
This was just one of many efforts that escalated in training for young Detroiters. As the CEO and president of the Skillman Foundation, Tonya Allen had many efforts in improving the school system that we know today of Detroit. She holds on to this position since 2014.

The 2000 new job positions were made possible due to her efforts, she also personally met with one of the participants. One of the Detroit teen citizens was extremely excited about the new job that he acquired that he had to personally thank Tonya Allen for all that she has done for the Detroit and for the school system itself.
After meeting the youngster, she said that he was now able to prove financial income to his family and felt so grateful for the opportunity that his work was noticed by the supervising team. This was not a political move to boost the story and gain popularity, but rather a true story that has many thankful family members of the boy to prove it.
The new coalition for the education system was made of nonprofit leaders and organizations, business people with patriotism in their hearts and true believers in the righteousness of the system. It was organized in late 2014.
The call for several changes and reforms in the K-12 educational system was published within the city’s approval. After all the government states that what they are dealing is their children’s future education, and that is not a small thing.
She believes that perfection must be obtained.
The organization demands charter schools better quality controls, as many of current charter schools are under-performing or stagnating in educational improvement system. There are no reforms that can affect the education material that is being endorsed to the children and there is much to be done to achieve the perfect educational system, Tonya explained.

The members of the group haven’t seen any efforts in decreasing the 15 million dollar debt from the Detroit Public Schools. This debt is crippling to the plans that she made for improving the system, and she hopes that more donators will involve themselves and join the cause.

Tonya believes that their role can get recommendations that may get executed even regardless of the Legislature. She mentioned that these actions would consider voluntary work with all members collaborating and helping the cause. This is of course possible and may even happen in close future, and Tonya Allen will make sure it happens.
The plan would include releasing the student that underperform on studies that previously attended charter schools. This way they could filter the promising student from the ones that just want to use the system to get by and look for something else in the educational system.

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