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In recent events, Tonya Allen, the CEO of Skillman Foundation was interviewed by Detroit today on topics related to Legislature and the controversial legislation that is working its way up. The proposal that can leave a dramatic effect on the Detroit Public Schools system.

It would consider the infusion of hundreds if not millions of dollars in the district, followed by forced election for the new board of the school and that would eventually split the district into two parts. How equal these two parts would be, remains to be seen. This is scheduled for this summer so the decision should be made as soon as possible. As it involves the future of tens of thousands of children from Detroit, this conversations and negotiations always come with a certain amount of tension.

The public is not satisfied with republican ways of leading the capital state and many lawmakers and people in responsible positions are talking about crafting the legislation system.
In the interview Tonya revealed that she was not happy with the current staff of legislators and described it as the worst so far when she was asked a question regarding the education today in Detroit. After a while, she apologized to the lawmakers taking back her statement.

In further interviews, she revealed that the problem was not in lawmakers, but term limits. These limits in terms are often described by the press as breaking for the Michigan state. Critics have their say regarding this topic, as they describe them as a prevention for institutional knowledge and guiding conversations historical. Giving way, instead, to polarization and politics to take hold and change it the way they see fit.

Tonya said that she was not opposing the choice that the school system chose in the city, but rather think that there should be more quality to the system itself. She also mentioned that there are many charted schools in Detroit that are under-performing. A new board is needed for improving these decisions. As new, more experienced members of the board would arrive she is sure and guarantees that things would change for the better.

Not only in upcoming years but there would be and immediate effect. The system itself has a lot of flaws and holes in the law, where corrupt lawmakers use as they see fit. The important thing to remember here is that the future of kids of Detroit is at stake, and no amount of unprofessionalism should be involved.

People with degrees in specific educational systems should be the members of the board, thus creating an impenetrable and corrupt-free system that would be stable and last for years to come. Providing with the right educational system for the children, our future generations are of the utmost importance, and current as well as future board members should be well aware of this.

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