Reshaping Educational System In Detroit

Education has always been an important issue when talking about the future. However, this is often discussed regarding how to prepare one’s children to be better positioned on the job market. Therefore, the opportunity to acquire a well-paid occupation is the first on the list when setting goals for your children. Confused? Don’t play dumb.

It is more than true that we set goals for our children and make choices for them since the day they were born. Moreover, we plan their future even before they are born and impose rules, restrictions and make predictions about their future. We do this out of good intention and never miss a chance to point out the fact that we are concerned about them. However, what we do more than often is overlook the fact that they should be taught and educated for the sake of it. It is self-explanatory.

Education goes beyond being competitive on the job market and it has a lot to do with being a decent human being, a responsible adult, and a thinker. Dear moms and dads, although it is essential that your children be focused on their earnings and be independent financially, it is preferable that they learn how to think and acquire the necessary knowledge to guide them through life. They should be active participants in the community that do not just have money on their mind.
Having this in mind, I recently came across an interview with Tonya Allen on TV and what she said about education being imperative is what drew my attention. So, I looked her up. Allen is the chair of The Skillman Foundation, and she has been tackling the problems in the education sector in Detroit for some time now. From what I read, the school system in Detroit is in bad shape and will go bankrupt unless some radical changes are not undertaken soon. Nevertheless, she does not focus solely on the financial aspect but also on the fact that the rate of college students and high-school graduates should be higher. This is what gave me faith.
What is interesting is that Allen has rejected an offer to take over the function of the interim superintendent for Detroit Public Schools. Nevertheless, she is now an external member that advises the team of experts in solving the problems of the great debt of the school system and in improving the system in general.

I have noticed that in her work she aims to prepare the children for a future career and help them get a fair chance for starting their own business.

However, what delighted me is also the fact that the foundation she chairs has financed some great projects in term of creating a safer and more pleasing community by giving grants to non-profit organizations that, in turn, undertake those projects. Also, the foundation she chairs sets to enable a safe and pleasing neighborhood in parts of town whose inhabitants are mostly children.
In my opinion, these types of actions should be undertaken all over the world to make it better, not just driven by earning more and more money.

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